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Collision, Overturning and Glass Breakage
We pay for damage suffered by the vehicle if the car hits, or is hit by another vehicle or other object, if the car overturns or the glass breaks. The cost of repairs shall be settled in accordance with the current costs in the Mexican Republic.
Total Theft and Meteorological Phenomena
We cover the total theft of the entire vehicle and damages caused to the vehicle by tornado, hurricane, hail, earthquake, volcanic eruption, floods (overflowing of rivers, lakes or inlets), landslides, fall or collapse of constructions, buildings, structures or similar objects, fallen trees or branches thereof.
Property Damage Liability
We protect the insured if their automobile damages someone else's property resulting from an accident.
Bodily Injury Liability
Coverage in the unfortunate case of injuring or killing someone in an accident for which the insured is legally responsible.
Medical Expenses
We cover the reasonable and necessary medical, hospital and funeral expenses of the injured driver and passengers caused by fire, collision or overturning of the vehicle.
Partial Theft and Vandalism
We will reimburse for the theft of permanently installed equipment and parts based on their actual cash value.
Collision is extended to cover vandalism, meaning willful and malicious damage to or destruction of the insured vehicle.
Legal AID
24-hour Legal Assistance and Bail Bond, attorney’s fees are also covered.
Road Side Asistance
When your car breaks down, you run out of gas or you’re locked out, ANA Seguros Roadside Assistance helps make it simple and easy to get back on the road and on your way.
Catastrophic Liability
Mexico federal law dramatically increased the liability compensation amounts for fatalities. We highly recommend purchasing as much liability coverage as possible.
In addition, INSURANCE offers:
Roadside assistance: We cover problems not typically covered by car insurance.
  • Towing
  • Gas supply
  • Jump start
Legal AID: Legal defense if the insured is sued as a result of an accident.
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